Built to Sell Summary

In my opinion Built to Sell is a book for anyone that has a business and want to possibly sell it one day. It is also of my opinion that if you have a business and are planning on keeping it that you read this book. It’s that good and necessary but that is just my initial opinion.

In this summary I’m go in more detail on some of the gems in this short book.

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Built To Sell Summary PDF

First the book is short and can be read in 1 day as it is only 153 pages in length so if you put the time in reading Built to Sell.

However if not then this Built to Sell summary will give you enough to do some damage. The book is not the traditional business book in that it uses story to show the principles laid out throughout the book.

At the end of the key tip a section highlighting what the tip is there in case you wanted to quickly flip through it. The Tips are called Ted’s Tips as Ted is the wise business man in the book that gives our main character the advice he needs to  create a sellable business. In total there are 17 Ted’s Tips.

All the tips are very actionable which is very helpful for any reader that wants to put what they learn in the book into action immediately.

If you like a more in-depth look at Ted’s 17 tips. You can get Built To Sell at Amazon.

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